What is New

Soil3 is running a promotion on their soils

$30.00 off any big bag of Soil3 Compost

 Until February 29, 2023.


LCMGV has partnered with Soil3 in 2023

for an additional discount & donation to LCMGV

See Offer Below


If you use the code LCMG2023,

you will get an additional $5.00 off of each bag, 

and Soil3 will make a $15.00 donation to LCMGV. 

This offer is valid until December 31, 2023. 


If you order your bags by Feb 29, 2023,

you will receive a combined discount of $35.00 off of each bag,

and LCMGV will receive a $15.00 donation for each bag. 


Please share this with your Family and Friends