Rent a Master Gardener

Have you been unable to solve your gardening problems on your own?

Are you new to our area and find midlands gardening a bit challenging?

 Do you have plants you can’t identify or weeds you can’t get rid of?

 Maybe you just need plant suggestions to add more color to  your garden.

 We Can Help!

 Schedule a consultation with a team of Clemson University Certified Master Gardener Volunteers by clicking the Contact Button below.  

We will provide research based horticultural information specifically tailored to your lawn and garden.

During an hour-longsite visit we will provide answers to your questions & offer suggestions to help you create the beautiful garden you’ve been dreaming of.

All proceeds from this program are used for Lexington County Master Gardener’s  educational and beautification projects benefiting Lexington County and its residents.

The fee is $100.00